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ScienceSoftMinsk firma: ScienceSoft
Firmaet ScienceSoft ( i Minsk er grundlagt i 1989 af Dr. Valery Tsourikov og dermed det ældste outsourcing IT firma i det tidligere USSR. Dr. Tsourikov skrev en Ph.D. afhandling ved Moscow State University om, hvordan man kan opfinde ved brug af matematiske begreber. 40 % af Fortune 500 virksomhederne bruger software fra ScienceSoft, fordi ScienceSoft i 12 år har arbejdet for Invention Machine Corp i Boston, USA med udvikling af Computer Aided Invention systemer. Man har mere end 250 IT professionelle og mere end 200 på venteliste. ScienceSoft er ISO9001:2000 certificeret, i dag på CMMI niveau 3 og venter at blive CMMI4 certificeret. ScienceSoft er Microsoft Guld Partner og Oracle Partner.

Nikolay Kurayev
.Net department overview
  • 40+ .NET developers, 10 MCTS, 2 Microsoft MVPs
  • 7 years of overall experience in .NET development
  • 40+ successfully finished projects, 10 projects in development
  • Average age of developers - 27 years, average experience in IT - 6 years, in .NET - 4 years
  • Proprietary .NET community with discussing boards
  • Internal .Net projects (components and libraries development)
  • Regular internal and external trainings
Development experience
  • Net technology allows development in set of directions and ScienceSoft team successfully completed projects in all of them:
  • Windows applications development
  • Web development
  • SharePoint portal development
  • WPF (win- and web-based solutions)
Selected case studies (jQuery)
  • HealthGroup Portal
  • Power2Voice website
CASE STUDY: Health Group portal
Medical portal for Health Group A/S

Health Group portal was developed by ScienceSoft. This site provides an ability to plan some healthcare activities (site administration) and book for them (end-users). Initially, the site development was started by another vendor. Since ScienceSoft continued development process - design, architecture and performance were significantly improved, due to the usage of the best practices and approaches in software development.

Site functionality also was substantially improved, user activity planning was redesigned so that to allow flexibility and easiness to use this feature for the end user. Additional functionality was developed, for example, user received an ability to track his medical examination results and view changes in graphical or table representation. Another significant change was an injection of ability to edit “static” texts on pages bringing some kind of CMS functionality to the site.

Special attention ScienceSoft points to quality assurance and software testing. During the Health Group site development process were used different testing approaches and methods including manual testing, automated testing and unit test in the development. Due to such approach a lot of defects were fixed in “inherited” code and ability to prevent new defects in the new code was assured.

Technical information

Health Group portal was developed with usage of last technologies and best practices in software development process. As a development environment was used Visual Studio 2008 Team System, .NET Framework 3.5. For web user interface we were using ASP.NET MVC framework and jQuery JavaScript library with AJAX technology. Database is MS SQL Server 2005. For database access data access layer, which is based on MS Entity Framework, was employed. For reporting system and charts building - MS SQL Server Reporting Services.

CASE STUDY: Power2Voice website

Gold-Gate GmbH company, being a specialist in the topic of “science of the emotions”, develops “Emotionally motivation” campaigns, based on its know-how in the area of the “human decision-making process” and newest scientific discoveries in the area of neuropsychology.


Power2Voice website is a home site of Gold Gate's Power2Voice standalone application. Web Site contains information about product, instructions, feedback, FAQs and etc.

Apart from promoting purposes site provide voice analysis functionality. It allows users to make recording of their voice and analyze it via p2v online engine.

Analysis reveal your internal emotions regarding this or that subject so user can train before e.g. public speech so that invoke in people required feelings and emotions.

Also web site implement application registration and activation logic of standalone application and some feeds.

Technologies and Tools

ASP.NET 2, C#, ActiveX, C++, MS SQL 2005, MS Ajax Toolkit, jQuery, XHTML, Web Services, IIS 6, MS Windows servers 2003, Web Farms. / e-mail: / phone: +375 17 293 3736